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If you are home-learning or virtually learning from home, we are provide elementary and secondary school-aged children (4 to 18 years old) with a daily STEM applied learning workshop online.

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Incorporated in each and every class: Scientific method where students make their hypothesis that their design will work and then they test that hypothesis; Human knowledge to that Makes our lives better otherwise known as Technology; the Engineering design process and hands-on applied learning where the students design, build, test, and improve their designs; and Mathematics to test and record their results learning how their project works and then how much they have improved it by.

Our regularly scheduled Daytime classes at either 10:30am-12pm or 12:30-2pm. 24 hr advance notice drop-in. During this crisis, please look for our online schedule at brainstemlearningcanada.perfectmind.com to set class subjects ranging from Aerospace, Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Marine, Manufacturing, Mechanical, Robotics, and Software Engineering. First to enroll sets the class subject for the day. Set up an account for your student. Purchase 6 or 12 punch cards or 3 month membership.  Custom online bookings are available through the Schedule page of the link above. Contact Sarah with days that your student will be attending with the subjects of interest.

We appreciate the cooperation of the Parents in helping BrainSTEM Learning adapt and transition to online class delivery. We hope to make this as simple as possible and want you to know that we are here to support you in the technology training necessary to help your students interact with the online video conferencing software. We will not be supplying any materials at this time to reduce contagious transmission of the Covid19 virus, a list of materials will be provided so that you can purchase any needed materials in your weekly shopping trip. You will have most materials necessary and we may need your assistance in making some of the test apprentices for your students (ex. Civil Eng. earthquake shake table: two large books, two large elastics and four same sized rubber balls, or Aerospace wind tunnel: Electric fan with some string and a paperclip, parent to plug in and operate while testing). Materials list will be provided prior to the scheduled class time so that you may source the materials in time for the classes. We will be using the Zoom video conferencing app. and you may use a phone or computer, to interact with the Zoom. The position of these devices is key to keep it out of the range of any liquids that may be used for Chemical Engineering classes. We apologize for the mess in advance as your students’ creativity can spread out across their work station and gravity can bring some items down to the ground. We will be setting aside time at the end of class to clean up the work station. Again, thank you for your cooperation in helping us to provide our STEM Classes online.

We’ve partnered with the New Westminster School District’s Island Discovery program SD #40, Ascend Online Catholic eSchool, and Self Design Learning Community  to offer a program for school-aged children who enroll as Distributed Learners. Once a year, we go to Spider Elementary SD #46 (sunshine coast)  for 6 week workshops.

Check out Workshops: Little Brains (4-6 years old), Specialists (7-11 years old), Managers (12-14 years old), Entrepreneurs (15-17), STE(A)M Stem adults (18+) age classes for class information. Little Brains drop in cost $30.38+GST / 1 hr session, Specialists / Managers / Entrepreneurs/STE(A)M $45+GST / 1.5 hr session. Custom online booking available at


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