BrainSTEM Learning after-school programs

BrainSTEM Learning Canada is an extracurricular education provider focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) systems. Unique programs are designed by working Engineers for learners aged 4 to 14.


Through fun, creative, and innovate science experimentation students explore their creativity. By planning, building, testing, and modifying their design, reengineering the process expands their working knowledge of the world around them.

The company was born from the minds of two engineers. The programs are written and tested by these two working professionals. Through these programs we strive to motivate children to use hands on learning, and participate in fun classes to cultivate their creativity by using engineering and entrepreneurial concepts building their own projects.

We have age tailored interesting programs for children to learn while having fun, with concepts used nowadays in the Global Industry, Engineering, Aerospace, and more. Children will use their knowledge and thinking to design, create, and propose solutions to engineering problems.