Spring Camp 2019 STEM-Half or Full day (4-6 years or 7-14 years)

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4-6, 7-11, 12-14 YEARS

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Marine Drive Learning Centre


BrainSTEM Learning’s Spring Camp 2019 STEM-Half or Full day-(4-6 years or 7-14) years) gives kids a fun way to enjoy their spring break like never before, using science, technology, engineering and math in a creative and fun way.

Our Spring Camps are geared towards 4-6 year olds and 7-14 year-olds. They are run over the course of two weeks half day or full day sessions daily, either in the morning or afternoon or both.

All required materials are provided by BrainSTEM Learning Canada.

1 Week: Half day $270* + GST / week (bring a snack for snack break)

2nd week: Half day-$270 + GST/ week (bring a snack for snack break) (4 day week)
Receive a 20% Discount for a second week or subsequent child registered!

1 Week: Full day $540* + GST / week (bring enough food for two snack breaks and lunch)

2nd week: Full day $540 + GST/week (bring enough food and beverage for two snack breaks and a lunch)
Receive a 20% Discount for a second week or subsequent child registered!

BrainSTEM Little Brains (4-6 years) Learning Weekly Themes are as follows:

March 18-22: 9:30-10:30 Civil Eng., snack break 11:00-12:00pm Aerospace, lunch, 1-2pm Manufacturing Eng., snack break, 2:30-3:30pm STEM 360

March 25-29: 9:30-10:30am Robotics Eng., snack break, 11:00-12:00pm Chemical Eng., lunch, 1-2pm Mechanical  Eng. 2:30-3:30pm Robotics pt. 2

BrainSTEM Specialist/Managers (7-14 years) Learning Weekly Themes are as follows:

March 18-22 9am-12pm Session: Keep it Green Working Together


Spring is coming and with it the white colour will be changed for green. Our planet is changing because pollution and it affects all the living beings on the planet. Kids will be the future of the world, a world that needs a change of mindset to take care of our planet. STEM helps to find solutions to issues in our daily lives. Keeping our planet green and healthy is a priority.

This program provides the students the opportunity to use STEM concepts to find a way to solve pollution problems; find out how to replace non-renewable energies for clean energy; discovering many useful and fun choices for recycling materials, using technology to clean and healing our beautiful planet. They will develop their green conscience mindset; learn the importance of teamwork; and use their creativity and curiosity.

The students will use their creativity to design, build and test their own cars made with recycled materials; Discover about clean energy’s building and testing their own electrical devices; learn how they can face an oil spill issue then discover about water purification and finally use the technology to build a robot that keeps the planet clean. This program will provide or reinforce a new green conscience, encourage the use of STEM to solve real world problems and have fun during their spring break.

In this week of spring camp students will:

• Day 1: Recycle Race. They will learn how we can find a simple machine in recycle materials and how we can use this concepts and their creativity to create something fun like a car made of recycle materials, they will learn the basic to build it and test it, then they will improve their designs to use Eolic energy in a final Recycle Car Race.

• Day 2: Clean Energy’s: We are continuously using more than one source of energy in our lives, some of them are non-renewable energy and they create damage to our planet. Students will discover basic concepts about clean energy and will work on more than one project to build and test their own clean energy devices.

• Day 3: The oil spill challenge. Oil spills happen far too often harming living things because the chemicals in oil are poisonous. It may take decades before the ecosystem around the oil spill recovers from the impact of the environmental disaster. Students will design, build and test their own tools to contain an oil spill; learning about ecosystem impact from this disaster.

• Day 4: Water Purification. Water makes up about 71% of the Earth’s surface. A small percentage is fresh water available for human consumption, using STEM students will design, build and test their own water filter to get clearer water and rise awareness about the importance of water for living beings.

• Day 5: Robo-Cleaner. Technology is always there available to make our life easier. This day students will design, build and program a Robot that to face a cleaning challenge to help keep our planet trash free. They will learn basic concepts about Robotics and environmental engineering.

March 18-22 1-4pm Session: Mindstorm EV3 Robots

This exciting week of Robotics, the students will build their own EV3 Robot, play Gotcha with the EV3, their EV3s will have an In-line skating race, Robot-communications, and their EV3 will make its way through an obstacle course.

March 25-29-9am-12pm Session: PLAYING WITH STEM


Favourite things for any kid are playing games. Many times they can find a toy in curious things like a rock, a box, or a pencil. They can spend hours playing with them. Play helps them to develop their creativity, imagination, dexterity, cognitive, and emotional strength. Parents know that play is important to healthy brain development and keeping their kids happy and healthy.

This program will offer the kids the opportunity to play and have fun discovering how the Engineering Design Process can guide their creativity and efforts to create their own toys, discover STEM in fun projects and share with other kids. They will face team challenges and develop their problem solving mindsets.

In this program students will follow the engineering design process to make their own launchers and face a contest of aiming; Build a Robot and learn about IR sensors to make a remote control facing an all terrain race; Have fun learning and discovering about electrical engineering projects; Design and make their own toys, and explore aerospace engineering basic concepts to build their own wind sales and paper airplanes to face different challenges.

In this week of spring camp program students will:

• Day 1: Aiming Contest. Students will learn physics basic concepts like elasticity, tension, velocity, thrust and more, to design, build and test their own launchers to face different challenges. Students will use mathematics, physic concepts, engineering design process as well their creativity to find the best materials and best design to face each challenge.

• Day 2: All Terrain Robot Race Challenge: They need to build their Robot, learn about programming and IR sensors to make their remote control and use their creativity and Engineering Design Process to design the tools to complete and all terrain race, and other challenges.

• Day 3: Electro-Fun!. Students will learn the basic concepts about electricity building their own electromagnets facing a challenge that will required all their creativity and focus; Then learn and work with electronic circuits to design and build fun electronic projects using STEM to complete their tasks.

• Day 4: STEM Toy Maker. The students will learn how we can use the physic concepts and Engineering Design Process to design and build toys that will help them to face different challenges making individual effort to build teamwork.

•Day 5: Sailing with wings. In the last day students will learn about Aerospace Engineering concepts, like Bernoulli principle first understanding how the wind give thrust and flows through objects and then designing and building their own paper airplanes to complete more challenges individually and in teams like a boomerang airplane.

March 25-29 – 1-4pm Session: Crazy Science Challenge

Launch water rockets, discover pneumatic principles, build a truck with a mechanical hook, create their fuel cell that generates hydrogen using solar energy, turn on a LED light spinning magnets, they will learn about production line manufacturing, making their own ice cream.

*Receive a 20% Discount for a second or subsequent child registered!