Punch Cards

Age Group

4-6, 7-11, 12-14 YEARS

Drop-In's Welcome!

Marine Drive Learning Centre


Punch card information:

Little Brains-6 Punch Card $121.50+GST- 10% Savings

Little Brains-12 Punch Card $243+GST-10% Savings Two payment plans available

Specialists or Managers-6 punch Card=$179.10+ GST-10% Savings

Specialists or Managers-12 punch Card=$358.20+GST=$10% Savings Two payments plan available

Using our punch card will give your student a great cross section of different types of Engineering Disciplines. Join us for different classes regularly scheduled at our learning centre.

Please provide 24-hour advance notice before attending scheduled class to be able to pull materials and notify instructor of your attendance.

Punches may be used towards individual workshop classes; two punches count towards a half day camp or four punches to a full day camp.