Here are testimonials from parents throughout the years:

  • “Thank you, BrainSTEM, for the very best week of summer camp for our two boys! They loved their full-day camp and came home each night completely charged with excitement about what they learned, built and created. They were so excited to teach us and share what they learned and create new, original experiments at home based on the concepts from camp. We appreciate that you were able to extend our younger son’s day with supervised free play so he could be there for the same hours as our older son – making pick-up and drop-off much easier. Your facility is clean, safe and organized and we loved that they got breaks outside during the day as well. Thank you to your instructors for encouraging their self-confidence and creating the opportunity for them to see how cool engineering is. We will be back!”__JV
  • “My daughter had such a great birthday party here which was also a great learning experience:) She had such a blast! Would definitely recommend this place. Thank you so much!”__CTB
  • “Hi BrainSTEM Learning we are pleased that you received Fer, even if he doesn’t speak English at least not 100% 🙂
    Fer had a great time, he learned and made friends, we loved the programs and the hands on learning help them to achieve their projects, he is motivated to learn English and come back to BrainSTEM Learning he is now more interested in technology and we really hope to come back soon! 😀”__AP
  • “My son loves their classes and camps. He finds them fun and loves that he learns a lot of different things!”__TT

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