Thank you STEM Community

BrainSTEM Learning Canada would like to thank you parents, students, PACs, and school administration for your support of our STEM afterschool workshop programs. Without your support we would not reach our goals of in creating a better community, better Canada and better world through youth STEM education. 

It has been a great year and we are looking forward to a great year next year. Your support helps us design our new class series and purchase new teaching tools. Next year, look for classes we are innovating. In development are new class series like Science Fair Engineering, Electrical Engineering lv. 2 with Raspberry PI hard drives and electronic components that will be programmed by the students, Chemical Engineering lv. 2, Marine Engineering lv. 2, Robotics Engineering with Scratch programming Language, and Minecraft Civil Engineering. Then BrainSTEM Learning Canada will also have the 1stannual North Shore Robotics Competition. 

When you think “what in the world will they think of next,” thank you for bringing your kids to BrainSTEM Learning Canada to give them the Engineering Design Process tool to use their creativity to come up with solutions to their problems, necessities and challenges making our world a better place to live. 

Happy Holiday and best wishes for a Happy New Year from our family to yours. 

BrainSTEM Learning Canada