Thank you for your cooperation in providing safe efficient use of our parking, walkways, roads, loading zones and alley for our community.

There are two marked parking spots for Brainstem Learning Canada (others for all other commercial units) available in our Commercial Customer parking area off of 14th ST. This is in the underneath Remix building.

The Remix building provides commercial loading zone common property to all 10 Commercial units in the building. This area is located directly in front of unit 730 Marine drive and is not for the exclusive use of any one unit. There are two commercial loading zone 15 min. spaces on the lane way in front of our location at 730 Marine dr. the entrance is off Bewicke. Please park parallel not perpendicularly to the building as this leaves enough room for the pedestrian walkway close to the building and does not block the walkway on the east side of the building leading to 14 st West. If there is not space at the time of arrival, please do not park in the alley and proceed to the customer parking underneath the building or the 14th Street public parking and walk to the commercial unit on the walkways. Pedestrians using this area, please use caution when walking in this area knowing that it is mixed use, loading and pedestrian walk way.

Please apply caution while using the commercial loading zone as this area has a combined use of the pedestrian walkway and entrance/exit to the commercial units.

This is also as you may not turn left off off Marine Dr. on to Bewicke, we suggest turning up Fell Ave, turning right Larson, and then turning right again onto Bewicke Ave., then right again onto the lane way. Or come from the south on Bewicke through the intersection and turn left into the alley.

Otherwise there is public parking available on 14th ST, there are walkways between the buildings to access the alley or Marine drive.

It is illegal to park in the alley in North Vancouver. Please follow this law and act respectfully in keeping this alley clear for vehicles to drive freely through the alley without obstruction. There is a new city sign at the Bewicke Alley entrance: “WARNING PARKING IN LANES IS PROHIBITED EXCEPT FOR COMMERCIAL VEHICLES IN THE PROCESS OF LOADING OR UNLOADING BYLAW #4949. “

Alley speed limit applies: 20KM/hr speed limit. Please apply caution while driving through the alley as there may be pedestrians disembarking from the B-line or other busses from the bus stop on marine dr.

DO NOT enter from Marine dr. into the alley, it is a one way exit to Marine drive only. Signs posted! Very dangerous for drivers and pedestrians!

Thank you for your cooperation in providing safe efficient use of our parking, walkways, roads, alley, and loading zones for our community.

Brainstem Learning Canada Management.