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BrainSTEM Learning after-school programs

BrainSTEM Learning after-school programsIf you have ever wondered how best to encourage the dreams of a son or daughter who declared, “I’m going to be a ___ when I grow up!” then no matter the child’s ambition, a call to North Vancouver’s BrainSTEM Learning Canada would be a great way to begin.

Currently based in the Delbrook Community Centre at 600 West Queen’s Road but soon to move to 730 Marine Drive, BrainSTEM Learning offers a basket of unique After School engineering programs written and tested by Enriqué Cordero.

Through creative and innovative science experimentation, BrainSTEM Learning encourages students to expand their knowledge of the world around them.

“BrainSTEM Learning really makes learning fun and interactive,” said parent Sonya Gass, whose 10-year old son met weekly challenges in a 6-week mechanical engineering program. Gass said her son was guided in problem-solving as he designed, built and tested his model and then modified it to improve his product.

“The other kids all share their concepts, so they learn from each other as well,” she said. Cordero said he and BrainSTEM president, Oscar Bustos met while they were undergraduates studying for their degrees in industrial engineering.

“We stayed in touch while Oscar gained his Master’s Certificate in Supply Chain Management and I received a Master’s in Industrial Engineering,” he said.

Staying in touch led to their desire to create a learning centre to offer activities that would excite and engage girls and boys in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). Once the idea took shape, it wasn’t long before they were joined by Sr. Vice-President, David Terron and V-P of Marketing and Communications, Sarah Baldwin.

Between them, the colleagues have five young children, so they have a clear understanding of the importance of providing positive, intriguing learning experiences to active young bodies and curious minds.

What fantastic, friendly teachers and a great program. Ryan had so much fun this week – and he was learning too!
Lori Barnes

Following a successful launch in May, BrainSTEM Learning has run several summer camps and age-appropriate After School programs in engineering disciplines ranging from Robotics to Aerospace and Manufacturing, as well as civil and mechanical engineering.

Programs are 20% theory and 80% experimentation. Far from being dry or hard to understand, subjects come alive as the kids learn some of the theory and then, under supervision, are encouraged to experiment with the ideas that result.

In addition to After School and summer camp programs, BrainSTEM hosts birthday parties, Pro-D Day and evening programs for learners aged 4 to 14.