2017/18 Pro-D Days

Age Group

4-6, 7-11, 12-14 YEARS

Drop-In's Welcome!

Marine Drive Learning Centre


Marine Drive Learning Centre

Our Pro-D Days are a great way for you to get to see close-up why your child will find our learning Workshops so much fun!

We run two 2.5 hr session for Little Brains (4-6) or 3-hour sessions in the morning or afternoon for Specialists(7-11)/Managers(12-14) at our Marine Drive Learning Centre, at a cost of $54 + GST per child. Full day with two 1/2 day sessions with snack breaks, and a lunch break is $108 + GST

SD44-North Vancouver School District Pro-d days 2017/2018 schedule as follows:

Sept. 25th

Oct. 20th

Nov. 6th

Nov. 19th

Feb. 23rd

May 7th

June 1st School Based Pro-D day

Contact us to find out more about our Pro-D Days, ask if your Pro-D day falls on another day or check out our Schedule to see when the next event is happening.