BrainSTEM Learning T-Shirt Design Contest

BrainSTEM Learning T-Shirt Design Contest:

Dear BrainSTEM Engineers

We need your help to design our new T-Shirts. Please see the attached t-shirt outline and use the Engineering Design Process (EDP) that you have learned. Your STEM themed design could be chosen to be our new design.

Please return the outline to any of our instructors, scan and email, or drop off at the learning centre by September 1, 2018 and we will choose a design by September 15, 2018

The lucky BrainSTEMer who’s design we choose will get a BrainSTEM Learning T-Shirt, the knowledge that we are using their design for our t-shirts, and 30% off their next BrainSTEM Learning classes.

Please write your name, your shirt size, parent’s name, parent’s contact phone number and parent’s contact email address so that we will let you know the results.

T-Shirts will be available for Sale in October, 2018.

Good Luck and Happy Engineering.

BrainSTEM Learning Management.

P.S. Look for other STEM Teaching Products to be for sale shortly.