Update your Lego Mindstorm using Scratch Programming language

You are now able to use your Lego Mindstorm by programming it in the Scratch language. You must update the Lego Mindstorm Brick firmware to the education version 1.10H available on the Lego Education website: Ev3 Device Manager: https://ev3manager.education.lego.com/
and you must upload the Scratch link app at https://scratch.mit.edu/ev3

Then go to scratch education at https://scratch.mit.edu/ to begin having fun with your Lego Mindstorm using the Scratch programming language.

You will still be able to use you EV3 with the Lego Education software available at https://education.lego.com/en-us/downloads/mindstorms-ev3/software (to use the commercially available programming language you will have to reload firmware 1.09H from https://www.lego.com/en-us/mindstorms/downloads)

You may also use the building instructions from either the lego education or the commerical software and choose the appropriate version for the firmware you have uploaded. Additional lego pieces for the Education version are required to build the Lego Education models.